ALPHA Diamond
  • Diamond detection of Natural, Synthetic, Cultured,
    Cultivated, HPHT treated or CVD Grown and
    type screening instrument
ALPHA Diamond Analyzer

The ALPHA Diamond Analyzer allows you to classify any diamond within a minute. The device is easy to use wherever you want.

The ALPHA Diamond Analyzer has been designed to perform reliable diamond detection and type screening, which helps you to boost up consumer confidence. First of all, it distinguishes diamonds from imitations or other precious gemstones.In addition, its accurate and reliable determination of the diamond type allows you to select potentially HPHT treated or synthetic colourless diamonds for further testing.Finally, the ALPHA Diamond Analyzer helps you to identify specific diamond types, and consequently, to create the highest added value in gem diamond sorting and valuing.

ALPHA Diamond Analyzer, your solution for …

  • Diamond detection
  • Diamond type classification
  • Screening HPHT-colour enhanced colourless diamonds
  • Screening synthetic colourless diamonds

ALPHA Diamond Analyzer characteristics

  • Dedicated ALPHA FT-IR spectrometer
  • Compact Dimensions 22 x 30 x 25 cm (w x d x h)
  • Light weight (7 kg)
  • Robust design, solid metal housing
  • Autonomous operation using battery pack(option)

What can infrared spectroscopy do for you?


One of the traditional techniques used to differentiate diamonds from imitations and other precious stones is Fourier Transform Infrared (FT-IR) Absorption Spectroscopy. It is also used to classify the different types of diamonds based on impurities (nitrogen and boron). Up till now, traditional FT-IR technology has included sophisticated research-grade spectrometers. Hence, the interpretation and analysis of the FT-IR data were highly depended on experienced laboratory staff. Today, the new ALPHA Diamond Analyzer offers an automated, easy to use and dedicated solution for diamond detection and type analysis based on the FT-IR method. It distinguishes diamonds from imitations or other precious gemstones using the FT-IR diffuse reflectance method.

FT-IR spectra of diamond

Diamond shows characteristic absorption features in the mid-infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum (4000- 400 cm-1). In diamond, there are intrinsic absorptions which are referred to as two-phonon (2665 to 1332 cm-1) and three-phonon (4000 to 2665 cm-1) bands. These absorption bands are characteristic for all diamonds. The most common diamond imitations are cubic zirconia (ZrO2) and moissanite (SiC).

Figure 1 shows the FT-IR spectra of a pure diamond, cubic zirconia and moissanite. The differences between these specific spectral patterns are obvious.

 FT-IR spectra of a pure diamond Figure 1: FT-IR spectra of a pure diamond (blue curve), cubic zirconia (green curve) and moissanite (red curve).