• The Indispensable analysis tool for all diamonds


The D-scope is a binocular stereo zoom microscope, especially designed to inspect diamonds for possible inclusions or impurities. This newly designed microscope offers all the necessary features you would need for diamond grading and identification. It is a high quality tool, very advanced in its means.


  • The diamond microscope "D-Scope" can be equipped with a special LED illumination system instead of the regular halogen or TL-light.
  • The LED illumination gives you more, whiter and brighter light.

The optics

  • Stereo Zoom microscopes provide the ability to see fine details in three dimensions. The optical excellence permits better, faster, more reliable identification, analyses and measurements. It is designed for years of rugged use and it produces a three-dimensional image that mimics the depth perception and color sensitivity capabilities of the human eye. The long working distance and narrow objective body design allow easy manipulation of the inspected diamond.
  • With the D-scope one of the four different optics are offered (tri-optics available on request):
    • Zeiss & Leica

      Zeiss   Leica

    • Olympus & Comdiam

      Olympus  Comdiam

  • When ordering, one of the above optics must be chosen. If you have an old type of microscope, but the optics are still in good shape, we can even deliver you the D-scope without optics. We only have to provide you with the right optics-holder.

The lights

  • The D-scope is equipped with a sophisticated illumination system.
  • The foot of the microscope contains a built-in lighting unit, which gives you the unique dark field lighting.
  • Dark field illumination, which is perfect to examine even the smallest inclusions.
  • The overhead daylight illumination is very useful to study clarity, like structure phenomena, and even colour. The conditions of an examination with a loupe 10x in daylight can be simulated.
  • With the overhead fluorescence illumination it is possible to study the fluorescence of diamonds.
  • Furthermore the lamp can be tilted forward and backward for an optimal positioning.

The gem manipulator

The gem manipulator consists of a small vacuum system, connected to a stage on a holder. The vacuum, created by a pump, is lead through a small tube to a suction pad. The diamond is firmly held by this suction pad, which makes it possible to move the stone in all directions without touching, avoiding dirt and dust. Because the suction pad holding the stone is so small, it can be studied from all sides without the view being obstructed. The pads come in different sizes, so that even very large diamonds and the most unusual fancies can easily be examined. The vacuum manipulator is easily manipulated with a special designed joystick.

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