Heart & Arrow
  • To see the heart and arrow in
  • polished diamond.

Heart Arrow

We take immense pleasure to send you this memento --- Heart & Arrow loop --- to our valued clients, who values quality and whose constant inspiration have helped us to reach the glittering heights that we are at right now, which would be impossible without their help. We sincerely acknowledge and thank them all for their unprecedented suggestions & help.

Salient Features

  • To the layman who would not be able to recognize a bad make through a loop, special desk loupes like the instrument given to you have been devised which will make them an expert too.
  • Place the diamond on its table and you will be able to see 8-Hearts through this scope
  • Hearts are the reflection looking down on the pavilion and can be seen clearly with this loupe.
  • Table up will give you the photo of an ideally cut stone with perfect arrows.
  • The dilemma facing the manufacturer using the present hands on method of cutting diamonds have to choose between remaining in the last century and moving forward into the new one. Automation is the only answer and is with us already
  • The perfect heart and arrow requires cut to be Ideal and with excellent symmetry
  • Here are the snaps of some flaws in heart, Like broken heart, unbalances size, missing hearts & likewise.
    Officelight Black
  • Here are the snaps of flaws in Arrows, like broken arrows, unbalanced size, missing arrows & likewise.
    Officelight Black