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Helium Polish

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Note: ** Helium Polish Pacor (HPP) being phased out by Helium Polish Oxygen (HPO) version.


The Helium Polish diamond scanner is probably the most precise and popular polish diamond scanner used invariably by diamond cutting factories, laboratories and dealers alike. Helium has become a de facto standard today for accurate measurement of various parameters & its deviations. Today it has been whole-heartedly accepted by all Global Diamond Grading labs, which includes GIA, AGS, IGI, HRD, GSI, IIJ, WGI, GTL (GJEPC), IDI and various others. When a diamond is scanned with this scanner, a very accurate 3D-model is constructed, which details the facets slope angle, its azimuth and its junction with adjacent facets. This 3D model allows accurate visualization and realistic image rendering, to objectively analyse and grade symmetry + cut. The model will show major and minor symmetry errors, which can be used to generate reports based on various appraisal system. The program allows users to create various user defined reports, to achieve the final goal. Very accurate 3D model allows the user to perform ray trace analysis, and calculate light return for the scanned model.

Salient Features

  • This scanner scans the polish diamonds with ultrahigh precision, with a very small standard deviation, helping the labs to consistently grade the cut and symmetry based on 3D scan with high confidence. So invariably almost all the labs worldwide uses Helium Polish scanner for cut and symmetry grading.
  • A typical test report for a scanner is reproduced below: Note the ±3σ value.

    A typical test report for a scanner

  • The measurement readings are so consistent that the polisher can completely rely on the readings and feel very confident when minor facet corrections are done to achieve required cut and symmetry grade.
  • Helium Polish scanner do not require any adjustments or calibration. In fact the precision is built into the scanner to consistently give the correct reading all the time, no matter where the scanner is installed or when it is used. Thermal expansions are compensated automatically during the use, thus requiring no adjustments.
  • The minor symmetries are very precisely picked up, allowing graders to completely rely on the 3D model built by the scanner, and grade the symmetry objectively:
  • grade the symmetry

  • A very detailed report displays most physical features including:
    • Maximum Inscribed circle
    • Diameter / radius deviation plot
    • Diameter derivative plot

      2*radius derivative plot

    • Facet and junction twist
    • Table form error
    • Junction error
    • Digging / painting of crown and pavilion, etc..
  • The program creates user definable reports including any measurement element out of more than 2200 data fields in any combination, including images.
  • Includes Diamcalc for Cut performance study and analysis.
  • Includes advance Re-cut option.
  • Optional GIA Facetware and GIA Facetware Recut available.
  • Useful for Rounds and Fancies, Semi-polish and polish alike.
  • Can build 3D models of special fancy cut diamonds with very high precision.
  • Helps polishers in correcting the multi-fold symmetry, and the grader to objectively grade the shape symmetry based on the scan data:
  • Helps polishers in correcting the multi-fold symmetry

  • Compare reports using Diamcalc Pro helps to reproduce the designed cut with very high consistency:
  • Compare reports using Diamcalc Pro

    Girdle Difference