GIA FacetWare
  • version 2016.02
    • Lexus brings you GIA FacetWare inclusive of the
    • objective symmetry grading
    • - 2 new Parameters introduced in version 2015.07
    • making total 17 Parameters available.
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GIA FacetWare

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In the past, the only means of determining the diamond’s symmetry grade would have been the judgment and experience of the grader. Quantifying these features by instrumental measurement like scan from Helium Polish provides a more consistent basis for symmetry grading, and gives cutters the details needed to improve their diamonds’ symmetry.

In December 2012 GIA introduced additional 6 features to their list of earlier 9 parameters, which are used for judging symmetry of Round Brilliant Cut objectively, effective from early 2013. Helium Polish, the world’s most reliable polish diamond scanner, was the first to introduce all these 15 parameters in “GIA Facetware” integrated in the system.

In line with this development, Lexus brings you GIA FacetWare  verion 23.0 inclusive of the objective symmetry grading with this 15 paramters. See a couple of sample reports hereunder:

In line with further development, In early August 2015, Lexus launched GIA FacetWare  verion 2015.07 inclusive of the objective symmetry grading with total 17 parameters adding 2 more - new parameters.


  • Elaborative and intuitive report helps understand presumptive “GIA cut and symmetry grade” for Round Brilliant Cut stones.
  • Very well defined all the 17 parameters helps the cutter to decide which parameter to control to achieve required grade from the GIA lab.
  • Single click, quick, user friendly and one of the most informative single page On-Screen report for GIA Cut and Symmetry.
  • User-defined customizable A5 and A7 (label and detail report) with direct-to-printer facility.
  • Save all the data in Microsoft Access, Text and Excel files for future offline analysis.
  • Single click Screen capture option – export in JPG and PDG – for your records.
  • Displays model building error message whenever it occurs. Extra facets found on girdle will be highlighted, to help user estimate eventual GIA Cut and Symmetry grade.
  • FAQ with detailed help to understand GIA parameters and features.
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