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Rapid Rickshaw Transit System

In India , we can’t think of our transport without a Rickshaw. It has become inevitable but at the same time very annoying due to its in-Disciplined Drivers having little traffic senses.

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What's the idea ?

I had proposed RRTS instead of BRTS… Kindly try to include in your column and try to spread the word , what our SMC or our State or Country INDIA thinks about this solution. In fact we all use Rickshaw whether we are poorest or richest but may be BRTS will be used up quite less and it will be quite inefficient for city like SURAT with growing prosperities and narrow roads . At the same time Traffic logging on the sides of road will be automatically removed as this Space will be available exclusively for RRTS. Plus the big wide road currently available for BRTS will be used by Fast moving traffic like 4 wheelers with a disciplined approach.

RRRTS can be the key... and then any other MTS(Mass Transport System like TRAM, SUBURBS etc.. For Long Distances..)
To have a Car has become necessity. It is no more a status symbol.The problem of car parking has become very difficult issue in every city as number of cars are increasing day by day. In many streets, the existing independent houses are getting converted to apartments/commercial establishments with limited parking space. Visitors/Guests who visit these places are forced to park their vehicles on either sides of the road. Perhaps it's time to go further and create a new system to overcome traffic and parking problems. This is not far....or we will lose our advantages.... Currently we can get anything by walking across roads in few kilometres....If we still want this...

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Instead of dedicating a full-fledge very wide Bus road of BRTS in centerwhich occupies a huge portion of the road and is quite underutilized (Say just 10% of the time the BUS will be there) , I suggest just enough wide road (Double the width of a Rickshaw) on both side of the Main Road, which can hardly occupy a 10 feet’s on either side. At all junctions near to 200 meters ,this Road widens by say 2 to 3 feet further for allowing overtaking for Rickshaw , while on most of the stretch of the road , one Rickshaw cannot overtake each other or maximum by 2 Rickshaw Wide . Slow moving traffic like Bicycles can be also included in this Road.

This has numerous advantages

(a) Rickshaw are very efficient when point to point transport is needed.

(b) We cannot think of a transport system without a Rickshaw

(c) They are the most in disciplined and no law can rectify them now.

(d) If they are removed from the main Lane , the Big vehicles can be asked to follow the traffic rules and they will definitely obey for a huge fine otherwise.

(e) Even the Richest or Poorest will go in Rickshaw as this is one of the best means today (See Mumbai Rickshaw)

Solution ...

To address this issue I have an innovative solution called "Rapid Rickshaw Transit System“ Let's put a parking ban on residential streets, by making the streets as Rapid Rickshaw Transit System and the same can be implemented in commercial areas. RRTS can help to cut down on the amount of traffic on the road.Owners of Residential and commercial spaces should reserve and create enough parking space as for the requirement instead of encouraging people to use public places for parking.
Cars parked on either sides of the street are clogging the road. City Traffic Police should pass a rule that no parking on public roads for long hours, cars parked on either side of the roads should be towed away. City Traffic Police should stand strong against local residential communities who oppose it.
The penalty for violation of rules and regulation must be viewed very seriously, should attract heavy penalty and cause inconvenience to the violators. Creating parking bays wherever absolutely necessary and put forward some of them for allotment, first to the owners of the area against certain fee and the rest reserve it for public parking for short duration.
Awareness through NGO's, Student and Youth organizations on below mentioned tips:
"Have a Driving Sense along with your License“
Walking to the nearby market instead of driving.

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